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More About Us

We are one of the leading Computer and phone Service Provider in Washington metropolitan area. We provide computer repair & service within specified time and give details and expectations. Our valuable customers can take advantage these service with us at moderately prices compare than other service provider.

Our computer engineers are capable of solving any problems related to the computing system involving software, hardware, LAN, wireless networks and internet etc. 

If you are looking for accuracy, efficiency and reliability in computer maintenance services, then Gabicom could be the right option for you since we offer end-to-end solution encompassing software, hardware, network and security backed up by right teamwork and professional approach.


These are some of the computer products & services, we deal with. 

Computer Hardware Peripherals

  • Computer Motherboard

  • Intel / AMD CPU

  • Hard Disk

  • Computer Memory or RAM

  • Desktop Speakers

  • Printers [HP, Canon, Epson]

  • Laptops

  • Laptop Spare Parts

  • Monitors

  • Computer Hardware Server

  • Thin Clients

  • Hardware Firewall Device

Computer Repairing Services

  • Computer Slow

  • Computer not Starting

  • Computer Hardware Upgradation

  • Computer Mother Reparing

  • Laptop Repairing

  • Laptop Slow

  • Laptop Upgradation

  • Laptop Hinge Broken

  • Laptop Full Body Broken

  • Laptop Keyboard Change

  • Laptop Screen Change

  • Computer/Laptop 

Computer Softwares

  • Microsoft Windows OS

  • Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Microsoft Office for MAC

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Autodesk Autocad

  • Adobe Suite

  • Corel Draw Suite

IT Solutions

  • Data Backup Solutions

  • Network Attached Storage [NAS]

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Hardware & Software Server

  • Firewall Solutions

  • Anti-Virus Solutions

  • IP Surviellance Solutions

  • Data Recovery

  • VPN Solutions

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